Strike will take out 4,000 state employees


‘LO Stat’ will take out 4,000 state employees on strike unless successful mediation occurs within the deadline of the 24th of May.


On Wednesday,LO Stat sent a so-called area notice to the Ministry of Local Government and Modernization. LO informed them that 4,000 state employees will strike from 6 pm on Thursday 24th May.

“The forecast has now been issued, so that the state has time to prepare,” said LO Stat, Stein Erik Syrstad, communications officer at NTB news.

The deadline for arbitration is midnight into the 24th of May. Negotiations with the state began on April the 5th, but broke off on the night of Sunday,April 29th.

YS, Unio and LO Stat, who broke the negotiations together, believed the offer from the state was not good enough when it came to the distribution of the available framework.

“We stood so far apart that there was no other solution than throwing in the cards,” said Egil André Aas, union leader in LO Stat, after the break became a fact.

“We worked hard to enter into agreements with all the four main federations in the state, but it did not work,” said Monica Mæland of Høyre (H), Minister of Commerce after the breach in the negotiations.

It is not yet clear how many will be taken out in the various different sectors.

A more detailed overview of who is being taken out on strike will, according to LO, arrive by May the 17th.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today