Strong increase in trade between Norway and Israel

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Norwegian exports to Israel increased by NOK 750 million last year. Imports from Israel to Norway also increased significantly.

Statistics from Statistics Norway show that Norway exported goods to Israel for NOK 1.87 billion in 2019, an increase of NOK 747 million from the previous year.

Fish, crustaceans and molluscs make up the largest part of exports from Norway to Israel, amounting to NOK 1.36 billion.

“This is a very good result,” Willy David Ekre, who heads the Norwegian-Israeli Chamber of Commerce, says to newspaper Dagen.

According to Ekre, the growth in seafood exports is due to higher attention in Israel for seafood. Furthermore, Norwegian seafood is considered to be of good quality.

He believes trade growth will continue in 2020.

– “If we look at it from a five-year perspective, we will see greater growth in collaboration on technology and cyber security. When Israel starts to export gas, we might get a greater cooperation in that area as well,” says Ekre.

The Palestine Committee in Norway is not very enthusiastic about this trade development.

– “That is no surprise, all the while we have a government that aims to increase trade in the occupation power. This is in line with their policy,” says committee chair Kathrine Jensen.

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