Strong Norwegian salmon growth in the US


Strong Norwegian salmon growth in the United States of America

The export of Norwegian salmon to the United States has increased by over 50 per cent. Americans want more salmon, but a protectionist Trump can halt the growth.


Total Norwegian seafood exports to the United States increased by 36 per cent in the two first quarters and resulted in revenues of NOK 3 billion. For salmon exports, the growth was 54 per cent, says Dagens Næringsliv.

“The US is a market-driven market, and the strong currency has meant that the price increase on salmon has had less effect than elsewhere, says analyst Paul Aandahl in Norway’s Seafood Council. He also mentions less competition from Canada and Chile who have problems with salmon production.

American Protectionism

The United States is one of the world’s largest importers and exporters of seafood, but President Donald Trump has long announced a more protectionist trade policy. This can have consequences for Norwegian fish.

– Norwegian exports go to 140 markets, and none of them dominate. Thus, the consequence of losing one market is limited, but it can have a dramatic effect on those players who are deeply involved in the US, says Aandahl.


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