Strong reduction in EU cod quotas in the North Sea and Skagerrak

Cod fishingCod fishing.Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

The EU’s fisheries ministers reached a consensus on fishing quotas for 2019 on Wednesday. Both the North Sea and the Skagerrak will fish for far less cod next year.


According to a press release from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, their fisheries minister, Eva Kjer Hansen, is pleased with the result, although it means that Danish fishermen must accept that the North Sea cod quota has been reduced by 35%, while the reduction in Skagerrak is down to 47%, an almost halved quota.

This is absolutely necessary to ensure sustainable development.

“A number of quotas that are important for Danish fishing will increase in 2019. At the same time, we have reduced other quotas to ensure sustainable exploitation of a number of stocks” said the Minister of Fisheries.

Among the species to be fished at an increased level are hake, which have increased by 37%.

Eels, which are a threatened species in Europe, were also part of the negotiations on Tuesday night. The ministers agreed that the requirement to refrain from fishing for three months now should also include the Mediterranean. Kjer Hansen called it a step in the right direction, but said it lacked measures to protect freshwater sole as well.


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