Norwegian authorities have provided Russia with GPS evidence

skySky.Photo: Norway Today Media

The Norwegian authorities have provided Russia with technical data which they believe proves Russian are jamming air traffic in Northern Norway. This was confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to VG newspaper.

Avinor and the Civil Aviation Authority have agreed to hand over the data to Russian authorities who have always refused to do so.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has shared technical information from Norwegian aviation authorities with the Russian side” wrote press spokeswoman, Ingrid Ekker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in an email to VG.

The reason for the conflict is that the GPS signals to air traffic in Finnmark disappeared at the same time as the NATO exercise, “Trident Juncture”, took place in southern Norway last autumn.

The Norwegian authorities believe this was due to jamming from Russia, which the Russians have categorically rejected.

Also during the month of February-March, several aircraft crews notified of noise signals north of Bodø and over Tromsø.

The Norwegian authorities are now awaiting a response from Russia.

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