Substantial increase in the use of cards point toward Aurland being the tourist winner

Aurland and the AurlandsfjordAurland and the Aurlandsfjord.Photo: Marianne Løvland / NTB scanpix

Aurland municipality has had a 434 percent increase in the use of credits cards this July compared to last year. This is according to numbers from DNB on Norwegian’s travel activity this summer. 

After Aurland is Stranda municipality with a 383 percent increase in the use of credit cards, followed by Stryn with 355 percent.

The figures are taken from DNB for Dagens Næringsliv and give clear indications on how the Corona virus has influenced Norwegian’s travel activities. The home municipality of the card user is exempted from the data given, which applies for the period between July 1 to 16 July.

Small places in Vestlandet and Lofoten are among the areas where the increase in the usage of cards are highest. Among the bigger cities Ålesund, Bergen, and Stavanger are doing well.

The vacationing city of Kristiansand is experiencing a decline of 4 percent in the Norwegians use of cards compared to 2019. Kristiansand is among the losers on DN’s list together with Drammen(-29 percent) and Bodø(-34 percent).

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