The sun could turn everyone into producers of energy

The sun can do all the power producersSolar cells. Photo

The combination of sunshine and more profitable technology means that Norwegians eventually can be both consumers and producers of solar energy, according to a new report.
The report, submitted by Accenture and WWF-Norway Wednesday, shows a trend in which we  produce more electricity than we consume in our homes, the newspaper Dagsavisen writes.
– By installing solar panels on the roof, we can produce electricity, and if there is some electricity we do not use ourselves, we can resell it online. We get a new role as both an energy producer and consumer, also called prosumer. That way we get an ownership in the green shift, says WWF-General, Nina Jensen. She believes it is a “convenient myth for politicians” that there is not enough sun to build and develop solar power in Norway.
– The truth is that there are several places in Norway with equal opportunities to develop solar energy as the countries that are at the top in the development of solar energy.
In Germany roughly 7 percent of  the electricity demand is covered by solar energy.
– They have over 150 times more solar power capacity installed per capita than Norway, says Pål Ødegaard, who leads Accenture Strategy in Norway. Relatively low electricity prices in Norway means it has been less profitable to invest in solar power in this country. As solar energy becomes more profitable, everybody could in principle  be prosumere,  Ødegaard says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today