The Supreme Court to handle rig worker night shift allowance case

Johan Sverdrup field.Hanøytangen. Johan Sverdrup field..Photo: Tore Meek / NTB scanpix

The Supreme Court will Tuesday treat the case of whether 7,500 rig workers will get allowances for working at nigh included in their pensionable incomes. The verdict could have consequences for other workers.

Manufacture Industry Energy and SAFE filed in 2011 a joint class action lawsuit on behalf of 7,500 members in 18 enterprises affiliated with NSA. They lost the case in Stavanger District Court, but after appealing to Gulating Court of Appeal, they won their appeal.
If  the unions Manufacture Industry Energy and SAFE win through in the Supreme Court, this means that the sum used as the base for the pension of the rig w per year  will be 50.000 kroner higher than today, Manufacture Industry Energy writes.
– The court attached importance to that the-clock shift system over time appears to be quite fixed,  lawyer Alexander Lindboe of  Manufacture Industry Energy says .
The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association has appealed to the Supreme Court, which will handle the case on Tuesday. The Supreme Court has set aside three days for treating the case.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today