Survey: Over 500,000 fear Christmas’ aftershock

Christmas Christmas.Photo:

A survey shows that 16% of the population fear being broke in January due to high Christmas consumption in December.

The survey was conducted by ‘Respons Analyse’ on behalf of SpareBank 1, and reported in the newspaper, Aftenposten.

It shows that 3% of the population greatly fear a bad domestic economy in January, while 13% fear a bad personal, domestic economy to some extent.

4% say they are unsure how Christmas consumption will affect their finances in January.

‘It is completely unnecessary for so many people to worry about January’s finances because of excessive Christmas shopping.

Moreover, it is self-inflicted. It sounds maybe like being a party pooper, but there is much wisdom in the old adage about ‘putting off corrosion by industry’, (not spending more than you can afford) said consumer economist Magne Gundersen in Sparebank 1.

1009 people participated in the survey, which was conducted online with a nationally representative sample.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today