Suspicion of South American tomato moth on Jæren

Tuta absolutaTuta absoluta.Photo:

Mattilsynet (FSA) has a strong suspicion that tomato in a nursery at Jæren is attacked by the South American tomato moth which can do great damage.

The South American tomato moth is becoming more widespread in Europe, but has never before been detected in Norway.

Tomato manufacturer made contacts with the FSA and the Authority have been on site and taken samples. Until further notice, greenhouses where there is suspicion of infection are closed, and all dispatch of tomatoes stopped.

The Tomato Moth, or tuta absoluta which is its Latin name, can lay up to 260 eggs in their lifetimes. The larvae attack the leaves and stems, and live larvae can be found on tomatoes. They are not dangerous, but are unattractive to the consumer.

– The moth does not entail any health risk to humans. It is not dangerous to eat tomatoes damaged by moths.

But it is a pest on tomato plants that we have never observed before, senior adviser Brita Toppe in FSA says to Stavanger Aftenblad. She says the insect is difficult to combat.

FSA does not yet how the moth has come to the nursery in Rogaland.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today