SV requires tax authorities to clean up after EEA errors

Kari Elisabeth Kaski.Photo: SV

Norway has for years practiced the wrong tax rules for family commuters from the EU. SV (Socialist Left Party) demands a clean-up and that the commuters get back the wrongly paid tax.

Norway has required three to four return trips a year to provide commuter deductions, while there is nothing about commuting frequency in the EEA rules. SV’s Kari Elisabeth Kaski asks Finance Minister Siv Jensen (FrP/Progress Party) to come to the Storting to report on the practice.

“This goes into a number of cases where Norway has a practice that is in breach of the EEA rules. It is very important that all the facts in this tax case are now on the table,” says SV’s Kari Elisabeth Kaski, a member of the Storting’s Finance Committee, to Klassekampen.

“We cannot demand that those who have been wrongly taxed should read the Taxes-ABC themselves and then claim rights. This is something the tax professionals themselves have to grasp, find out and provide reimbursement for those who have been wrongly taxed,” says Kaski.

The Ministry of Finance has confirmed to Klassekampen that the practice of commuter regulations has been wrong for a long time, and that it is now being rectified after the EU inspection body pointed out errors.

“The commuter rules were previously practiced so that stricter travel frequency requirements were imposed to obtain a commuter allowance when a person commutes from work in Norway to homes in other EEA countries than when commuting the other way, i.e. from work in other EEA countries to home in Norway,” senior communications advisor Helene Megaard in the Ministry of Finance writes to the newspaper.

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