Swedish automotive industry is recruiting unemployed oil sector resources

The Company NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden)Trollhättan, The Company NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden).Photo: BJÖRN LARSSON ROSVALL / TT / NTB scanpix

There is a delegated recruiting team from Trollhättan in Sweden that is traveling to Norway in order to recruit unemployed oil sector resources for their industrial city.

According to NRK news, National Electrical Vehicle of Sweden (NEVS) and several other businesses in Trollhättan are demanding to have over 500 engineers. NEVS purchased the remained bankrupt Saab in August 2012 to invest in production of electric cars.

There is also a need for other professions which could be a significant opportunity for those who are seeking for jobs in oil market and their families.
– There are also good opportunities raised in health sector. A dream combination would be having a couple that one trained as engineer and married to a doctor or nurse, said by Arne Arvidsson at Arbetsförmedlingen in Trollhättan.

-The town with its 50,000 inhabitants currently has lower unemployment than the time when the cornerstone Saab went bankrupt in 2011. Now they must go out and search for talented people and as a start on Wednesday and Thursday they planned a journey to Stavanger and Sandvika.
– The best existing opportunities will be offered to them and on top of that there will be a possibility for them to be a part of industry which has huge growth potential, said by Arvidsson.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today