Swire Seabed in Bergen will closed – 151 to lose their jobs

Swire SeabedPhoto: Swire Seabed

151 employees lose their jobs when the maritime company Swire Seabed AS is to be closed down in Bergen.

This confirms the Singaporean company Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) vis-à-vis Sysla on Thursday evening.

Swire Seabed AS is the SPO subsidiary and is headquartered in Sandviken, Bergen.

The main tasks have been to inspect and replace pipelines offshore, but the maritime company has also made its mark by finding missing treasures, submarines and tankers on the seabed.

The company has decided to close down with the three other affiliated companies Swire Seabed Subsea, Swire Seabed Shipping and Swire Seabed Sea.

  • “The closure results in all office employees, seafarers and offshore specialists in the companies losing their jobs,” says Richard Sell, CEO and Swire Seabed CEO Richard Sell.

The closure will take effect at the end of February 2020.

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