Tax Administration – many calling with questions about the annual fee

Car in traffic.Photo Norway Today Media

Soon it’s time for paying the annual fee on vehicle. That means a lot of phone calls to the Tax Administration, and on some days more than  2,000 bemused motorists have called.
The annual fee for 2016 is to be paid on March 21, and claims are sent to the owners of 3.7 million vehicles, according to the Tax Administration.
Figures from the Customs Administration show that about 3 percent of all those who receive the invoice, have questions about the payment.
Regional director Ann Kjersti Kjeia Sletten in the Tax Office says that despite the call center on some of the days receving more than  2,000 calls a day, she expects that even more people will be in touch as payment deadline approaches.
The questions that most frequently recur, have to do with buying and selling vehicles.
– If the car is not registered to the new owner by January 1, you are responsible for the vehicle,  Sletten says.
In its press release Skatteetaten gives examples of creative explanations of car owners who are trying to avoid having to pay the fee.
– A caller reported that the because the car was almost completely covered in snow, it was impossible to control the signs. Another told of a poorly made fastener that lead the signs getting stuck. Some also wonder if the fee is the same if the car is used rarely: “I use my car only twice a year. I will get a rebate, then? “.
The state earns in excess of ten billion NOK on the annual fee.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today