Directorate of Taxes looking for Norwegians with money in tax havens

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The Directorate of Taxes have faith that they will be given information about the 21 Norwegians who placed money in tax havens with the assistance of DNB.
– Now we are in dialogue with DNB. Meanwhile, we also use other channels through our formal agreements  with other countries’ tax administrations, director of the Directorate of Taxes, Nina Schanke Funnemark, says to NRK news.
In 2007,  there were over 130 million NOK   placed by the 21 Norwegians in the Seychelles, the so-called Panama’s papers revealed . The Directorate of Taxes is working to uncover the identity of those persons, NRK reported.

Even though the 21 persons had placed money in PO box companies, it is still not known for sure whether they have done anything illegal.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today