Tax director says it’s too easy to cheat with ID

The national ID card Hospital employeeSample Norwegian ID card - not yet issued. Photo : Politiet

Tax Director Hans Christian Holte believes it is easy to use a false identity in Norway. He asked for progress in the work of fingerprint and facial recognition.


Holte told VG newspaper that he doesn’t believe that national ID cards will be enough. Before the ID cards are ready, he hopes that simple fingerprint and facial recognition solutions are in place so that everything can be put into operation at the same time.

“If not, I think we will miss a historical opportunity to get identity management with ID cards that you can really trust,” the tax director told VG.

“If you get a national ID card but have not linked it to the Facial Detection or Fingerprint Registry, we risk duplicating the situation we have in Norway today,that you can cheat on more identities.

To VG’s question as to whether the government can promise what Holte wants, the Attorney General, Tor Mikkel Wara answered that “when issuing new passports and national ID cards,”one too many searches in the biometric register will be easy for
case handling to dispatch passports and national ID cards’’.
The project for new ID cards has developed into a nightmare.In addition to blasting beyond the cost framework, it has been repeatedly postponed.The cards, which should initially have been ready in 2016, are expected now by 2020.


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