Tax returns arrive today

Money fixed interestNorwegian bank notes, Photo: Norway Today Media

Today, over 4 million wage earners and pensioners receive their tax settlement. 2.7 million will receive an average of 11,300 kroner.


The 2.7 million taxpayers benefiting from tax returns will receive a total of NOK 31 billion. Half a million wage earners and retirees will receive residual tax settlements. They will have to pay a total of NOK 10 billion, NOK 19,400 on average.

‘’The tax settlement is the final calculation based on the information provided in the tax report. The tax office calculates how much tax you should have paid last year,and either pays back excess amounts or require residual tax payments where this is the case,’’ said Nina Schanke Funnemark, the Deputy Tax Director.

Later settlements for business owners

For those who don’t receive the tax settlement on the 27th of June, the settlement will be between the 15th of August and 24th of October. This applies, among other things, to personal tradespeople and their spouses, and wage earners and pensioners who delivered the tax return on paper. Other reasons for your tax settlement coming later may be that your tax report is missing information, contains complicated circumstances, or you may have been taken in for a control.

Approximately 800,000 taxpayers will receive tax settlement between August 15 and October 24.

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