Taxes for 2.2 million Norwegians

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As many as 2.2 million wage earners and pensioners will receive their tax settlement on Monday. On Monday morning, there were technical problems with the agency’s website.

Nine out of ten, over four million Norwegians, have now received their tax settlement for 2019, reports the Tax Administration.

Nearly 580,000 of these have received a residual tax of an average of 19,600 kroner while almost 2.6 million have received an average return of 11,200 kroner.

In total, taxpayers have a profit of 29.1 billion kroner while 11.36 billion kroner is payable in residual tax.

For those who have not received their tax bills, there is an ongoing settlement between August 14 and November 30.

The tax authorities are urging people to check and adjust the information in their tax card if they want to avoid being overcharged or getting residual tax in the next settlement.

“We see a big increase in tax cards this year compared to the same time last year. The interest rate decline we have had due to the Covid-19 situation will in isolation result in residual tax if you do not change your tax card. Bigger or smaller changes in your economy can result in incorrect tax deductions if you do not adjust your tax card,“ said Division Director Marta Johanne Gjengedal of the Tax Administration.

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