Taxis must offer prices in advance

Taxi driverIllustration.Taxi driver

Taxi companies must offer their customers the fare before the trip starting 1st of July. The government hopes that this introduction will lead to more competition.


“We want taxi operators unsolicited to provide taxi users with a quotation for the specified route. At the same time it will still be mandatory with tax collectors and that is the lowest price that is applicable,” said Minister of Transport, Ketil Solvik-Olsen (Frp).

The Ministry of Transport and Communications believes that the requirement will make taxi customers more aware of the alternatives they have.

“The demand for fare offers applies if the taxi customer can provide a sufficiently defined destination. It will always be the lowest meter rate, fare quote or any fixed price paid,” the ministry writes.

The introduction comes after the Consumer Inspectorate in 2017 demanded a better rate overview in the taxi market. The same year, sales in the taxi industry fell by 2.9 percent, while the number of kilometers driven decreased 2.8 percent.


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