Taxpayers signed in with 6 billion in “forgotten” fortunes


The Tax Administration registered 575 new cases of repentant taxpayers who “discovered” forgotten and hidden fortunes last year.

That is fewer cases than the record year of 2017, but more than in 2016 wrote Aftenposten newspaper.

The Tax Administration completed a total of 845 cases last year. This gave 6.3 billion in increased taxable assets.At the same time,taxable income
increased by NOK 279 million.Around 99% of the increased wealth came from abroad.

“Over time, we see that more and more tell us about money abroad and undisclosed amounts in Norway” said tax director, Hans Christian Holte to the newspaper.

There are more cases, but the average amount per case is getting smaller.

There are several common features in the new cases being reported. Among other things,several cases are related to crypto currency and “trusts”. More issues than previously are linked to Dubai.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today