Telenor tests 5G technology in Longyearbyen

LongyearbyenSvalbard.Longyearbyen.Photo : Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

The inhabitants of Svalbard were able to test 4G technology before it was introduced to the rest of Norway. Now Telenor will test 5G at Longyearbyen.


According to Klassekampen newspaper, the coal town in Svalbard will be Norway’s new green technology display window and is already well-known as ‘Smartby’. The advantages of the small community is that it is straightforward, with the same features as many big cities,and that the city has an up-to-date, young population with a high level of education.

In addition to Telenor running 5G in Longyearbyen, they will test and develop sensors and drones, technology that can do everything from measuring CO2 levels in the air to snow depth.

‘’Through sensors and data networks we get information about emissions and consumption. We are currently testing out emission-free houses,” said Berit Svendsen, CEO in Telenor Norway, during the presentation during Arendalsuka.

“Longyearbyen could be at the forefront of technology development.New solutions will be tested here,” said Marius Holm, general manager of the environmental organization, ‘Zero’.

Among other companies involved is Avinor, who have covered facades and roofs of the airport building in the city with solar cells. The goal is to be self-sufficient with power in the summer and to develop battery technology to gather energy for dark periods.


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  1. Benjamin Vidmar | 21. August 2018 at 22:05 |

    5G is dangerous and needs more test before being rolled out.
    Why do we have to be the guinea pigs?

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