Telenor’s mobile network was named the world’s fastest

Doug Suttles CEO i Ookla,and Berit Svendsen in Telenor : Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Telenor has the world’s fastest mobile network, according to measurements by the US company Ookla.

“This is incredible considering the landscape and the geography here,” said Douglas Suttles, chief executive officer at the Telenor event in Oslo on Tuesday.

Ookla has developed a technology that tests the real capacity of a mobile network. Ten million tests are done every day. The numbers that come from the tests can be used to compare the speed of different mobile networks.

Telenor Norway’s average download speed is measured at 72.05 Mbps. It was the fastest of all networks, with T-Mobile from the Netherlands with an average download speed of 70.05 in second place.

– Inspiration
The measurements were carried out in the second quarter of this year, and around 120,000 such measurements were carried out in Norway during this period. It is mobile customers who have tested the speed, under the actual conditions they use the mobile phone in.

According to Telenor, this procedure makes the tests reliable and extra valuable. The average speed from all these measurements was then compared to the figures from other operators worldwide.

Telenor Norway boss Berit Svendsen says the award is a great inspiration

“When we think that Norwegian mobile users live in an elongated country with challenging topography, we get extra proud,” she says.

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Minister of Transport and Communications Ketil Solvik-Olsen (Frp) attended the award and congratulated the Norwegian company on the top spot. The government ruled that Norwegian mobile customers demand that the mobile network is fast, reliable and secure.

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