Tencent has made a bid for the entire Funcom


Chinese gaming giant Tencent bought 29 percent of the Norwegian gaming company Funcom last fall. Now they have submitted a bid to purchase the rest of the company.

The Chinese giant offers NOK 17 per share for the gaming company. It values Funcom at NOK 1.33 billion.

“We have already established a very good partnership with Tencent and are impressed with the expertise and insight they have in the gaming industry, which we believe can help us make even better games going forward,” Funcom CFO Stian Drageset said in a press release Monday morning .

Tencent is already the largest owner of Funcom after the acquisition last year. According to Funcom, Tencent has no plans for changes to the company’s staff or management, and the company will remain an independent company.

As a listed company, Funcom has owners all over the world. The company, which today has 179 employees, has over the years had offices in several countries, including the United States, where Funcom still has a large development studio. However, the main base has always been, and will still be, in Norway, regardless of its owner, Funcom says.

The Norwegian company is behind such games as, ‘Conan Exiles’, ‘The Secret World’ and ‘The Park’.

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