Tesla breaks all records in Norway


Never before has any car model been delivered in such high numbers in Norway as Tesla Model 3 was in March.

A total of 5,315 new Tesla Model 3 cars were delivered according to figures from the Norwegian Road Traffic Information Authority.

It is a new delivery record for one month in Norway by a solid margin.

It crushes Nissan Leafs 2,172 from March last year. Number two in the statistics for March 2019 was Volkswagen Golf, with 979 cars.

Delivered at Varemessen

Communication manager at Tesla in Norway, Even Sandvold Roland, said they have been practicing for this for a long time and praised the Tesla employees.

‘’There has been a fabulous effort by the organization in Norway.’’

He said that they have used parts of the Trade Fair at Lillestrøm as a delivery hub for customers in Oslo and the surrounding area, while the local stores have been used elsewhere in the country.

‘’It has been a special situation. Many have been on the reservation list since March 2016, and it has been important for us to serve customers quickly.’’

More affordable in half a year

Tesla began customer delivery of Model 3 in February.

Roland said they have now been delivered so that those who have ordered the available versions of Model 3 will have their car, and that a new order today means delivery in May.

Those who are still waiting are the customers who want the less expensive editions. Roland referred here to a Twitter message from Tesla chief, Elon Musk, who said these Model 3 editions will be in place in Europe in six months.

Roland said most customers have been satisfied, but there have been some individual incidents where the customers have had to wait for a long time for delivery.

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  1. Wilhelm Bergan | 4. April 2019 at 18:05 |

    What does the Swedish Road Traffic Information Authority have to do with the amount of cars sold in Norway. Norway and Sweden are two different countries, the writer of this obviously doesn’t know Norway and Sweden are different countries

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