Tesla delivers a cheaper electric car to customers

Tesla batteries electric carThis undated image provided by Tesla Motors shows the Tesla Model 3 sedan. The electric car company‚the newest editione, the Model 3, which set to go to its first 30 customers Friday, July 28, 2017, is half the cost of previous models. Its $35,000 starting price and 215-mile range could bring hundreds of thousands of customers into Tesla's fold, taking it from a niche luxury brand to the mainstream. (Courtesy of Tesla Motors via AP)

Tesla delivers a cheaper electrical vehicle (EV) to customers

At their factory in California, the electric car manufacturer, Tesla, have delivered the first Model 3 models to their new owners. The electric car is the first brought out by Tesla that is designed for regular car buyers.


Tesla have received 500,000 advance reservations on the model. The first 30 cars were delivered late on Friday, local time, most of them to employees of the company.

During a ceremony at the Fremont factory, Tesla founder, Elon Musk, said the goal with the Model 3, was to make an excellent car that ‘everyone can buy.’

‘It’s the best car at its price, be it electric or petrol powered,’ said Musk.

Unlike Tesla’s previous models, it is outside the luxury segment of the market. Two versions  of the Model 3 have been manufactured.

350 kilometre range

One is able to drive more than 350 kilometres (217.5 miles) on one charge, and has an American price tag starting at $35,000 (approximately NOK 278,000). The more expensive edition costs from $44,000 (approximately NOK 350,000), and is able to return almost 500 kilometres (311 miles) before the batteries need  recharging.

The price of the cheaper version is thus about half of what customers had to spend on the predecessors, models S and X, but  model 3 is a smaller car.

Tesla aims to produce approximately 5,000 models per week of the new car this year, and 10,000 per week  in 2018.


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