Tesla recalls 123,000 cars

Tesla MotorsTesla Motors (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)

Tesla has recalled 123,000 model S trailers worldwide because of bolts that can rust on salty roads and affect power steering.


The company announced on Thursday that they have recalled the model S’s that were made before April 2016,according to The Wall Street Journal. Tesla said the problem occurred in 0.02% of the current cars.

‘’There have been no injuries or accidents because of this(despite the fact that the cars have driven millions of miles) it said in an email sent to the company’s customers.

All owners of the car model will now be offered a free repair.

According to Tesla, this will not cost the company big sums because it is the supplier of the bolts that will pay for the new parts.

A workshop in Canada discovered the problem of rusted bolts from salt sprinkled on winter roads. If the bolts fail, the car can still be controlled, but it will be somewhat more difficult.

Tesla has been in hard weather lately, with several lawsuit directed against them (including from Norwegian customers).But this is Tesla’s biggest recall.


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