The Consumer Authority wants to know why three companies do not accept cash

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The hairdresser Cutters, Babybanden and restaurant owner The Furset group must answer to the Consumer Authority’s questions about why they do not accept cash.

That’s what ABC News writes.

The Furset group runs, among other things, Sanguine Brasserie at the Opera House, which is cash-free. It is a practice that, according to the Authority, raises questions about whether the restaurant violates the Finance Contract Act. The Consumer Authority is asking for clarification on whether the restaurant “allows consumers to pay with cash”.

Marketing and Communications Director Naja Boone writes in an email to ABC News that they feel that their customers are positive about cash-free payment. She writes that there are a few cases where the guest wants to pay cash, and “we always find a solution to that”.

She says that all their restaurants, which include the Ekebergrestaurant, Grand Cafe and Maaemo, will be cash-free.

Babybanden does not want to comment on the matter to ABC News.

Cutters hairdresser chain told ABC News in January that it is most effective for both the customer and for them, that they pay by bank card or Vipps.

Founder and CEO Kristian Hauge Solheim said at the time that he believed the regulations were unclear and outdated.

– “In the hairdressing industry, cash represents primarily a problem. Solheim is buzzing with hairdressers who get paid under the counter,“ Solheim wrote in an email.

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