The Consumer Council asks people to remember the gift receipt in the Christmas gift shop

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Christmas Eve is approaching, and Christmas shopping is in full swing for the longest time. The Consumer Council (Forbrukerrådet) asks people to take care of the gift receipt (byttelappen) when buying Christmas presents.

Most people have experienced getting a gift that they have to change for various reasons, such as shoes that do not fit or maybe a jacket in a different color than the one you really wanted.

In such cases, it is wise to have the gift receipt to make sure that the gift can be easily exchanged, the Consumer Council recalls.

– It is annoying and not environmentally friendly that gifts end up in the closet. Use the Boxing Week to exchange the gifts that don’t fit. If you have a trouser in the wrong size or double up of the same book, we have the advice for a seamless exchange, says senior advisor and lawyer Thomas Iversen in the Consumer Council.

Two out of five exchange Christmas gifts
December 27 is the big changeover day, and two out of five Norwegians exchange Christmas presents, according to a survey conducted by Norstat for the Consumer Council last year.

According to the survey, just over half ask for a swap when buying Christmas presents. Terms of exchange vary greatly from store to store.

– Some large chains give very generous terms of exchange. In some places, you can get your money back for an unused item after six months. Others allow you to test what you bought for a month before you can hand it in and get the money back, the Consumer Council states.

Men buy the most expensive gift
Norwegians spend an average of NOK 5,700 on Christmas presents this year, according to a recent survey by YouGov for Danske Bank.

The survey also shows that men are willing to spend about three times as much money on a single gift than women. Men answer that they are willing to pay NOK 5,606 for one gift, while women on average answer NOK 2,055.

Two out of three believe that Christmas gift shopping has taken over, but only 15 percent think they buy too many Christmas presents themselves. In total, each Norwegian plans to buy eleven Christmas presents on average.

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