The Consumer Council believes that airlines are making it too difficult to claim a refund

Fly at Oslo airportGardermoen.Fly at Oslo airport.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

The Consumer Council believes that airlines are still making it unnecessarily difficult to get money back after canceled flights.

Consumers have a statutory right to recover the money when flights they have booked and paid for are canceled.

But the Consumer Council believes that the airlines on their websites make it more difficult for customers to claim the money back because they would rather give customers credit vouchers or bonus points.

– “It is quite obvious that the airlines are actively trying to push the consumer over to a credit voucher rather than giving them their money back. As the pages are now designed, it is difficult for consumers to understand that they have a claim for money back if they so desire,” says Director Inger Lise Blyverket in the Consumer Council.

She believes that airlines’ practice today violates the law, and that it may therefore be the basis for sanctions from the Consumer Authority and the Civil Aviation Authority.

“As long as the airlines don’t seem to want to do anything about their websites, they need to be told even more clearly – and that will obviously be a fine from the audit,” says Blyverket.

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2 Comments on "The Consumer Council believes that airlines are making it too difficult to claim a refund"

  1. Goran Matic | 14. June 2020 at 16:49 | Reply

    The process is made so consumers parts with funds and hopes he gets something in return, thus financing the company. Consumer has no rights and it is given the long and difficult process for claiming the funds back.

  2. old wise and educated | 16. June 2020 at 14:01 | Reply

    do the long and difficult task..and then… boycott the offending airline..people have a voice and when they share the same principles and ethics and collectively show strength—injustice can be rectified,
    Dont be used for target practice.
    Absolute power corrupts absolutely–

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