The corona measures have led to the emptying of pork stocks

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After several years of excess pork production, COVID-19 has led to the shortage in stock and the need for imports of meat. But the Christmas ribs are not in danger.

The fact that Norwegians have stayed at home this summer has resulted in more of us staying in Norway during the BBQ season and the Swedish trade being economically more affected than before.

Consequently, sales of pork have increased by 4% from May to now, reports the Norwegian Directorate of Agriculture. This is compared to the same period last year.

Pork production has been reduced due to the surplus, but demand has been so great that all stocks have been emptied, and that now in September not a single whole pig is in stock.

Sharp increase

“The reduction in production was initially desired and planned. A purchase plan was established to reduce profits, and the market regulator called for a decrease. Then came the corona outbreak, and demand increased significantly,” says Harald Weie, head of the Directorate of Agriculture.

But Christmas ribs are not necessarily at risk as Norway has both duty-free and duty-reduced quotas for frozen EU pork.

“Because we can supplement with imports, there is enough pork to meet the demand of Norwegian consumers,” says Weie.

Pay close attention

He underlines that there are still many uncertain conditions affecting the balance of the pig market in autumn, especially if Swedish trade is reopened.

“The Directorate for Agriculture is closely monitoring the situation and action will be taken if the sum of Norwegian production and international obligations (given quotas) does not meet its demand. This, of course, also applies to ribs,” he told NTB.

More dairy cows

The demand for milk and eggs has also increased in recent months. One consequence is that livestock production has decreased, as demand for milk has caused farmers to keep more dairy cows.

The Directorate of Agriculture also advises that there is a surplus of lamb, so autumn dinners with sheep’s cabbages can be put on the table as usual.

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