The Directorate of Taxes: No VAT exemption in e-commerce

Posten and BringCustoms department at Posten and Brings Logistics Center at Alnabru in Oslo.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

The tax authorities specify that goods traded in foreign online stores will be subject to VAT from April 1st. However, goods under NOK 350 are not all checked at the border.

On Thursday, NTB wrote that Norwegians for the time do not pay VAT on foreign e-commerce. In an email to NTB, communications adviser Anders Hedeman in the Tax Administration writes, however, that the duty to charge goods for less than NOK 350 will be introduced as planned on April 1st.

The fee should initially be paid through the online stores. However, this only applies to online stores that are registered in the VOEC register of the Tax Agency, which allows the goods to be declared directly by the online store.

“When customers shop in online stores that are not registered in the VOEC scheme after April 1st, and this is discovered in routine checks, one can risk the goods being subject to VAT, and any customs fee to the carrier, upon import,” Hedemann writes in an email.

Goods under NOK 350, on the other hand, have been granted temporary declaration exemption. Thus goods that are not stopped in a routine control will avoid VAT.

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