The government is expanding the activity obligation for social assistance recipients

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The government extends the activity obligation for those who receive social benefit assistance to also apply to those over 30 years of age.

– “Everyone who receives financial social assistance, all will have a duty for activity,” says the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Torbjørn Røe Isaksen to NRK.

– “It simply means that we will have requirements and expectations that they must show up and be a part of the activity every weekday,” says Isaksen.

In 2017, the government introduced an amendment to the law requiring young people under the age of 30 to be active in order to receive social assistance. In 2018, statistics showed that there were fewer young people on social assistance than in 2017.

The Conservatives have long fought for an extended duty of activity, and on Friday Isaksen decided that this will apply to everyone.

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  1. Graham Eric Dyson | 15. September 2020 at 09:52 | Reply

    What kind of “activity”? Really, this is an idiotic article which tells the reader nothing. Is there any journalism involved in copy pasting blah blah from robotic agencies? Would hopping be an acceptable activity. You need to do better than this, Norway today. A little more effort required to activate the brain cells. Maybe hopping?

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