The government proposes the obligation of identification to prevent mobile theft

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The government is proposing stricter requirements for registering customer information to set up or change a mobile phone agreement. The goal is to stop phone theft.

The proposal that is now being submitted for consultation, means that you must use an approved eID to enter into a mobile agreement over the Internet, or to show valid identification when purchasing in-store. In addition, the rules for telecommunications companies for how to identify the end user are clarified. This applies both to the creation and amendment of an agreement, in order to prevent so-called “mobile hijacking”.

False or defective profiles can make it more difficult for the police to investigate crime. It is also important that the emergency services receive accurate information about emergency callers, says Elisabeth Aarsæther, director of the National Communications Authority (Nkom).

Phone numbers are often used to recover passwords, among other things. Hijacking the number can thus give you control over accounts with a lot of personal information such as social media, online banking or other services.

We have seen several examples of criminals having succeeded in creating a SIM card in a false name despite the fact that the law requires clear identification. The government is therefore proposing clearer identification requirements to create or amend mobile phone agreements, says Minister for Digitalisation Nikolai Astrup (H)

As more and more services are linked to our mobile numbers, we also become more vulnerable when we lose control over it. Now we are taking steps to prevent this, says Astrup.

The consultation deadline is December 3rd.

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