The grocery chains prioritize the sale of Norwegian fruit and vegetables

Fruits and vegetablesFruits and vegetables.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

The Norwegian Group, Coop Norge and Rema 1000 will prioritize the sale of fruits and vegetables from Norway following talks with Agriculture and Food Minister Olaug Bollestad (KrF).

– “This is an important signal for farmers who will soon start spring,” says Bollestad.

The grocery chain reports that the trade is running normally, despite the Coronavirus epidemic, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today


2 Comments on "The grocery chains prioritize the sale of Norwegian fruit and vegetables"

  1. Chet J. Dlugokinski | 29. March 2020 at 20:55 | Reply

    Norway farmers should be able to supple all the needed fruit and vegtables,Canning of these produce should also being taught to the population in the future,Your 5 million plus of populationand excellent health laws are the best in the world.M my last visit to Norway was 2013 and first visit was 1975 with over 70 visits inbetween.Thanks BE that all my Great Grandchildren Live in Norway!!

  2. Norway is country who support criminals and destroying the honest wise peoples. Norway suport narkomana economically giving them houses and money and egnored hard working peoples. Norway criminalize the man and believes women lies. Norway need renovations

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