The grocery stores have implemented corona measures

Fruits and vegetables at CoopFruits and vegetables at Coop.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

The store chains sharpen the cleanliness of the grocery stores as a result of the coronavirus. Touch surfaces are washed several times daily and no longer offering taste tests.

Coop Norge has provided disinfectant to customers in most stores. In addition, touch points such as ATMs and bank terminals are washed at least three times a day, DinSide writes.

– “Handles on shopping carts and shopping carts must be washed every day,” says Communications Manager Harald Kristiansen in Coop Norway.

Rema 1000 has also stepped up the washing routines in stores as a result of the coronavirus.

– “We have introduced routines with disinfection of carts, baskets and other contact surfaces such as bank terminals and keyboards several times daily,” says communications manager Calle Hägg in Rema 1000.

Norgesgruppen and Coop Norge no longer offer taste test to customers in the stores.

The Norwegian group believes that they already have good enough routines for hygiene and cleaning in their stores, but that employees must be extra careful that they are followed.

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