The municipality of Bergen wants to lease the street for electric bikes

Ryde-ScooterRyde-Scooter Sharing appen.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

The municipality of Bergen wants to regulate the use of electric bikes by rewarding or punishing the providers based on the bikes’ data on where they are parked.

Currently, only Ryde, which is against the will of the municipality, has started using electric scooters in Bergen.

On Wednesday, representatives of the municipality and the scooter operators met digitally to discuss how electric scooters can be operated in Bergen without compromising others on the streets, writes Bergensavisen.

The meeting is part of a pilot project in which the municipality will try to adopt a new technical zoning solution to manage the use of electric scooters.

“We have not decided whether to limit the number of suppliers now,” project manager Lars Ove Kvalbein told the newspaper.

The so-called electric racing wheel driver will consist of several test periods with subsequent evaluations and adjustments and will last until April 2022 at the latest.

To regulate the operators, the municipality will use, among other things, the leasing of the streets. They will use it to punish or reward the different providers depending on the parking area and the location of the electric scooters.

The municipality wants to regulate this through a digitized system.

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