The new generation of pensioners combined work and pension

Mature man at his PC.Mature man at his PC.Photo: Frank May / NTB scanpix

One in five of the first batch of pensioners after the pension reform chose to combine work and pension.

Statistics Norway has followed the situation for those who were born in 1949 and who can combine pension and work after the pension reform in 2011. The first litter in the new pension generation has turned 71 this year.

In 2012, it was seen that almost one in five combined work and pension. Men were a majority in the group. While one in three chose to only work and not retire the first year. During the next few years towards 2018, it was seen that occupational activity decreased for both groups, the Statistics Norway report shows.

Those who combined work and pension had the highest income in the years up to 2018. This difference lasted until age 67 when pension became the main income for most people.

The choice to retire as well as work, or not, does not seem to have affected wealth. Both groups are on the same level for personal wealth.

The so-called present value of pension assets in 2017 shows that those who took out their pensions whilst working had an average pension assets of NOK 5.1 million. Those who did not take out a pension along the way had a pension pot of NOK 6.1 million.

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