The NHO believes everyone will spend 11,400 kroner on Christmas shopping

Christmas shoppingChristmas shopping.Photo:Pixabay

Each one of us will spend NOK 11,400 on Christmas gifts, food and other goods in December this year, believes NHO Service and Trade. This is an increase of 1.6 percent.

According to the analysis from NHO Service and Trade, we spend almost 23 percent more on goods purchased in December than we do on an average month.

Some industries stand out as extra, and the toy industry fetches close to a quarter of its annual sales in December. This industry is expecting a small growth this year. For goldsmiths, booksellers and watchmakers, sales this month are over twice as high as in any of the other months.

Black Friday is an important reason why an increasing share of Christmas shopping in the months of November and December is moved to November. If developments continue, we will soon spend as much money on retail trade in November as in December, according to NHO Service and Trade.

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