The Norwegian Church is satisfied with the State budget allocation

Heddal stave Church, Cultural Heritage Fund ReformationHeddal stave Church.Photo: Norway Today Media

While the Norwegian Church is satisfied with what it has been allocated in the State budget, it may have problems using all of the money given to it.

“We cannot demand more when we do not have enough priests to fill the positions we already have,” said Ingrid Vad Nilsen, director of the Church Council to Vårt Land.

The Government has been positive in allocating more money to the Church.

Unlike last year, there is no cut for Church in the budget proposal. In this year’s budget, it will receive a grant of 2.2 billion kroner, 13 million more than the budget approved last year.

This will mean money to spare.

“We did not use all of what was allocated in 2018. That is because we don’t have enough priests to put in the positions we have. Then there is no basis for demanding more or expecting more in a framework grant,” said Nilsen.

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