The Post are afraid people will not pick up packages when new VAT rules come into force

Posten postal serviceThe Norwegian Postal Service's (Posten Norge) main distribution centre: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

From the New Year, the 350-kroner limit on food trade from abroad will be lifted. The Post fears that people will not pick up packages when they discover they have to pay customs duties and VAT.

The new rules, which apply from January 1st, mean that you have to pay VAT and customs duties when you buy food and drinks from abroad. Supplements are also defined as foods.

Until the New Year, individuals can import food for up to NOK 350 (including shipping) without paying taxes.

“Norway’s Post is the largest freight forwarder, and we are afraid that many will not pick up their parcels if they do not know that the regulations have changed. This happened in Sweden when a similar tax exemption was removed,” says Norway’s Post Manager John Eckhoff.

If you shop for food from an online store that does not arrange customs for you, Norway Post will carry out an ordinary customs clearance. This costs NOK 299 from January 1st. Some online stores have adapted to the new rules and are doing customs on behalf of the customers. The taxes will then be included in the purchase price, and the goods can be imported into Norway without additional charges for the consumer.

The Post encourages customers to ask in the online store if you have any doubts as to what applies.

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