The power grid in Norway doesn’t allow drivers to recharge electric cars at same time

Electric cars, Charging PointElectric car charging. Photo:

According to a new report, the Norwegian power grid doesn’t allow drivers to get home from work, and power their electric cars simultaneously.


The state enterprise, Enova, presented its market development report on Thursday, wrote Sysla.

The Norwegian continental shelf is becoming increasingly electrified as land-based installations pop up along the coast, and the electric cars make up a larger part of traffic.

Future energy needs, therefore, depend on new solutions. However, today’s power grid will not tolerate recharging their cars all at the same time, stated the report.

Development Director at Enova, Øyvind Leistad, compared it to showering.

‘If everybody showers simultaneously, the water pressure will be lower. There is enough water in the reservoir to allow everyone to shower, but the pipeline limits the amount of water getting through. Then the pressure drops.

The question then, is whether we can make people shower at different times’, he said.

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