The proportion of employed immigrants in Norway decreased in Q4 of 2020

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According to new figures from Statistics Norway (SSB), around 435,000 immigrants were employed in the fourth quarter of 2020. These accounted for 65.4% of all resident immigrants between the ages of 20 and 66. 

The figures from the SSB show that the share decreased from 67.3% in the fourth quarter of 2019 to 65.4% in the fourth quarter of 2020.

In the rest of the population, this proportion decreased from 78.8% to 78.1%. In pure numbers, that is a decrease of 4,400 employed immigrants and around 16,600 workers in the rest of the population in this age group. 

The SSB stated that those on furlough for up to three months are considered employed in these statistics.

The biggest and smallest decline

From November 2019 to the same month last year, the decline was greatest among immigrants from EU countries in Eastern Europe, with 3.6%. 

That is followed by Western Europe (excluding the Nordic countries) and Latin America, with a decline of 1.8% and 1.7%, respectively. 

Immigrants from Africa and North America and Oceania had the most negligible decline. Here, the decline was 0.8% in both groups.

Corona pandemic

The somewhat stronger decline in employment among immigrants than in the rest of the population can be seen in connection with the corona crisis. 

In 2019, immigrants had a larger proportion of employees in the industries that were hardest hit by the crisis during 2020. 

That applies to industries such as accommodation and catering, as well as land transport with passengers.

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