The state will stop Christmas beer calendars on Facebook

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The Directorate of Health has sent a written notice to Gulating and will stop the store chain from advertising their Christmas beer calendar on Facebook.

The letter sent to Gulating Gruppen AS states that all advertising of alcoholic beverages is prohibited and that there are no separate rules for social media, Dagen writes.

Only a black box is displayed in the chain’s main advertisement. But other advertisements also show which beers are inside the calendar doors, in addition to the beer being described on Facebook.

– We are ending it now, says general manager Rolf Ivar Skår in the beer sales chain Gulating Gruppen AS to the newspaper.

He thinks it is unproblematic that they must change the marketing so that it complies with Norwegian law, but thinks the state is using the resources incorrectly. He believes that not advertising, but rather tax-free and border trade, are major factors in over-consumption of alcohol.

Health policy spokeswoman Kjersti Toppe of the Center Party believes there is a good reason why the ban is as it is.

– Advertising matters. It is not without reason that there is an advertising ban on alcohol in Norway. It has been carefully debated and debated in the Storting, she says, adding that she perceives that the Norwegian people do not want alcohol advertising.

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