The subway in Oslo takes coronavirus measures to prevent infection

subwaySubway. Photo: Norway Today Media

Door handles and buttons of various types in public transportation can be a concern for many who want to avoid the coronavirus. Now the subway in Oslo is taking charge.

– In order to prevent infection, the subway will open all doors at all stations, Sporveien writes on Twitter.

They also ask their travelers not to press the buttons unnecessarily.

From now on, public transport has already introduced other coronavirus measures, such as closing the front door on trams and buses. This is to protect the drivers and thus ensure that the collective offer is maintained.

Ruter has also chosen to drop all ticket controls on subways, trams and buses in Oslo until March 26.

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  1. Anything helps, but T-Bane should be requiring that anyone riding the subway wear even a homemade mask, in case they have the virus – people can have it for up to 14 days without knowing it – so it won’t spread as easily and quickly as it is doing without the masks. The virus can live up to 3 hours in the air and up to anywhere from 3 to 10 days on surfaces, according to the latest I have read.

    China made wearing facemasks MANDATORY and already apparently has the virus beaten and is closing its emergency virus hospitals.

    Wake up, Norway!

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