The Tax Administration warns ‘’don’t be fooled’’

tax reportSkattemelding.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

The tax report and tax settlement are just around the corner, and the tax administration now warns people not to be fooled by scammers who lure with payouts.

Every year, when the tax return and tax settlement arrive, people are flooded with emails and text messages claiming to be from the tax authorities with promises of receivables and payments the tax office wrote in a press release.

‘’There is an increasing amount of phishing, but fortunately, the level of consciousness, skepticism and competence in the population has generally improved. Nevertheless, there are many who are claiming that it is still attractive to the fraudsters’’ said the director of the security department of the tax administration, Svein Mobakken.

Mobakken emphasised that the tax authorities never send emails with links that you should click on, and never ask for credit card information, security codes, bills, copies of passports, driver’s licences or account numbers via text message or email.

The tax return for 4.9 million people becomes available on Thursday, April 4th, and the call from Mobakken is clear.

‘’Don’t be fooled, your identity online is worth gold.’’

In 2018, the Tax Administration registered eleven waves of so-called phishing, which takes place through emails and text messages. The scammers try to trick people who click on the links to give away sensitive information.

Despite the fact that the tax authorities report the worst fraud attempts, people are asked to be observant.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today