The wealthiest people benefit most from electric car benefits

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It is the wealthiest part of the population that benefit most from the benefits of electric cars. Every sixth of the wealthiest households have electric cars, an overview from Statistics Norway shows.

Toll exemptions, free parking and road user fees are among the benefits of an electric car purchase.

In addition to exemption from value added tax, one-off tax and reduced annual fee.

An overview from Statistics Norway (Statistics Norway) shows that so far the wealthiest part of the population are enjoying these economic benefits.

Purchases most new fossil cars
There were almost 200,000 electric passenger cars in Norway in 2018. The same year, electric cars were 27 times more common in households with the highest income, compared to those with the lowest income.

Electric cars are also the most popular new car purchases for those with the higher incomes. 56 percent of newly registered cars for households within the highest income bracket were electric cars. In households with the lower income, their share was 33 percent.

Those with lower incomes buy relatively new fossil cars. One of the reasons is that long-range electric cars are more expensive compared to the cheapest diesel and gasoline cars.

New electric cars are more expensive than old cars, and it is obvious that high-income households are responsible for this shift to a greater extent than those with lower income, the report says.

Take advantage of the benefits
16 percent of the households in the group with the highest income had at least one electric car in 2018. For the group with the lowest income, only 0.6 percent had the same.

The survey also shows that 64 percent of households with electric cars also have at least one diesel or petrol car.

In other words, the wealthiest households have the resources to take advantage of the various benefits that come with having a fossil car or electric car. They can more easily have a “city car” and a “cabin car,” which is used when you need a car with longer reach.

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