The wealthiest people prefer to buy electric cars

electric carElectric car.Photo: Erlend Aas / NTB scanpix

High-income households bought three out of four newly registered electric cars in Norway last year. Those who earn the most prefer electric cars over fossil fuel cars.

Figures from Statistics Norway (SSB) indicate that high-income households buy more new cars than low-income households.

In 2019, 8.5 percent of high-income households bought new cars, compared to 0.2 percent of those with the lowest income.

The more you earn, the more likely you are to choose an electric car rather than fossil-fueled cars. Households with the highest income last year bought 37 per cent of all newly registered electric cars and 21 per cent of all newly registered fossil-fueled cars.

Households in the lower half of the income scale, for their part, accounted for only 10 per cent of new electric vehicle purchases and 22 per cent of new petrol or diesel cars.

Of the approximately 74,000 privately owned newly registered cars in 2019, almost 46,000 were electric cars, and 28,000 were fossil-fueled cars.

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