The Wuhan virus leads to a halt in king crab exports

king crabs from NorwayKing crabs from Norway.Photo: Heiko Junge / Scanpix .

The Wuhan virus creates uncertainty among Norwegian king crab exporters because China has stopped buying king crab. Several exporters are experiencing a decline.

– King crab exporters report logistical challenges related to reduced air traffic to important markets in Asia, Råfisklaget wrote in a statement on Monday.

Fishermen who are going to fish for king crab are therefore asked to keep in close contact with their buyers.

Both king crab exports and salmon have been affected, says Svein Ruud of Norway King Crab in Bugøynes, Sør-Varanger, to Fiskeribladet.

The company has seen a decline of 10-12 tonnes in sales of live king crab over the past week.

China is a major buyer of the Norwegian king crab, but the Wuhan virus and fear of infection are causing major problems. Several airlines have stopped travel to China, and several Chinese cities have closed their entryways.

“It is a scary situation and greatly uncertain. Just look at Macau. There should have been 400,000 Chinese tourists on vacation there, but they are not allowed to travel,” says Ruud.

Toini Karlsen of the North Cape King Crab in Repvåg, Nordkapp, also noticed the buying stop.

”Yes, we notice via our agents that it is difficult to sell because of the virus. All destinations are affected and we sell a lot to Asia, USA and Canada. We are very curious about the markets going forward,” she says.

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