Thefts of more than 60 million kroner from Norwegian boat owners last year

BoatBoat.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / SCANPIX

Theft from Norwegian boat owners cost the insurance industry more than 62 million kroner last year, according to new figures.

Figures from Finans Norge show that 1,189 reports of theft were received from Norwegian boat owners last year. This cost the insurance companies over 62 million kroner, Frende Forsikring writes in a press release.

“We already have examples of traveling thieves in Vestland this weekend. They have turned up at ports over a large area. They do not content themselves with stealing everything that isn’t nailed down, but have also stolen large motors,” says Edmond Wold Gaulen, who is the boat chief at Frende.

Most boat thefts are of equipment and loose property.

“You should take small outboard motors back home, the gas tank too. You should secure larger motors with a special lock. One tip might also be to remove an engine part, which makes it impossible to start. Also, make sure that all hatches and doors are locked, and do not leave attractive equipment lying around,” says Gaulen as a small tip to boaters.

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