These are Norway’s top 10 richest people

John FredriksenPhoto: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

Kapital magazine published its annual list of Norway’s 400 wealthiest people.

Here’s the list of Norway’s ten richest people in 2020 (their wealth in 2019 can be seen in parentheses) according to the magazine:

  1. John Fredriksen (76): NOK 104 billion (NOK 114 billion)
  2. Odd Reitan (69): 44.5 billion (42.4 billion)
  3. Johan Johannson (53): 44 billion (40 billion)
  4. Ole A. Halvorsen (59): 43 billion (33.7 billion)
  5. Johan H. Andresen (59): 35 billion (33 billion)
  6. Gustav Witzøe (67): 33.5 billion (29.8 billion)
  7. Stein Hagen (64): 33 billion (28 billion)
  8. Ivar Erik Tollefsen (59): 29 billion (23 billion)
  9. Kjell Inge Røkke (61): 27.5 billion (35.5 billion)
  10. Torstein Hagen (77): 20 billion (60 billion)

This year’s list shows that many of them have suffered losses due to the corona crisis.

However, some managed to profit during the period.

“Dramatic changes”

“This year, the list is more dramatic than ever. We are talking about gigantic values being ​​lost.

At the same time, enormous values are being ​​created,” Kapital editor Vibeke Holth said in a press release to news bureau NTB.

She stated that there has never been a greater decline in wealth in the list’s 30-year history than in 2020.

According to the list, John Fredriksen is Norway’s richest man, followed by Odd Reitan and Johan Johannson, who both own food groups.

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